To become a successful inventor it takes three things:



To come up with a new solution to a problem.


To put the solution together in a way that works.


To be able to bring it to market.

The Problem

Currently in order to bring an idea to market, an inventor will typically go to a professional prototyping/product design firm.

That firm will generally charge about $25,000 just to start working on the invention, and around $50,000 to finalize its design. Once the design is finalized the inventor can finally launch a crowdfunding campaign. Most inventions cost about as much as a house (around $500,000) from idea to first penny in revenue. If the crowdfunding campaign didn’t reach its goal the inventor has to refund all of the investors, they are still out the initial $75,000 AND they don’t have a product on the market generating revenue.

This is a huge risk for any inventor and an enormous barrier to innovation overall.

Our Solution

By utilizing cryptocurrency we can generate our own economy in which innovation can thrive.

Invent Token

Our BEP20 token has a built in 10% transaction fee:
  • 2.5% Goes into a liquidity pool (this ensures it remains tradable on exchanges)
  • 2.5% Gets reflected back to all holders
  • 5% Goes to Invent LLC to fund invention projects
Other features:
  • No new coins will be minted
  • 1,000,000,000,000 INV total supply
  • Profit driven deflation

Invent LLC

Our business provides users with a platform to submit, vote on and launch inventions to market.

General users may submit invention ideas and pay to give their submissions more visibility. They are not eligible to vote until they verify themselves as an investor.

Investors may submit invention ideas and pay to give anyones submissions more visibility. They can “like” inventions and then rank them from favorite to least favorite. From this data we can tally a ranked choice vote once funding is available to launch the next invention.


Once the votes are tallied and we have a winning invention we will contact the original inventor and put them in touch with the product design firm we will be using. The idea will be submitted, finalized (with the original inventors input), patented, manufactured and brought to market, all at no cost to the inventor.

Once on the market the profit revenue will be distributed 3 ways:
  • 50% Goes to the original inventor
  • 30% Goes to Invent LLC to fund future projects and overhead
  • 20% Gets used to buy Invent token at current market value which will then be burned to drive deflation


Automatic Reflections


Total INV Token


Profit used to buy and burn tokens for deflation

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