Most inventions cost about $500,000 from the idea’s start to the first penny earned.

Inventors typically bring their idea to a prototyping/product design firm. It can cost around $25,000 to have a firm work on a design, and an additional $50,000 to test and finalize it.

With a finalized product, the inventor would then have to pay for retooling a factory, production, distribution, marketing and sales.

Most inventions cost about $500,000from the idea’s start to the first penny earned.

Most people can’t pay for this out of pocket. Some of their other options are crowdfunding services, private investors, or hope to get on a television show like Shark Tank. None of these are easy to accomplish. This risk acts as an enormous barrier to not only potential income for the inventors, but to innovation as a whole.


By utilizing cryptocurrency, Invent will create an economy in which innovation can thrive. We will act as the financial backing for inventors to launch their ideas.

Once the votes are tallied and we have a winning invention we will contact the original inventor and connect them with a product design firm. The idea will be finalized (with the original inventors input), patented, manufactured and brought to market, all at NO cost to the inventor.


Anyone can create a BASIC account and can submit invention ideas.

To upgrade to an INVESTOR account, you must connect your wallet and confirm that you hold INV. 

As an INVESTOR you can view all invention submissions and vote on which one you think should be launched next. The invention with the most votes will be moved forward to production.